Tip of the Day: Deleting Events and related attributes

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Events have related attributes like:

  • Subjects – which are customizable by name and color (both event bar color and text color)
  • Types – which can specify the type of event (i.e.: lecture, homework, exam, etc.)
  • Levels – Can be used for both fixed grades (for a grade school teacher) or we recommend child’s name for homeschoolers.
  • Courses – This provides more granular specification within a subject.  (i.e.: Science is your subject but your course is AP Biology).

The system will not allow you to delete Levels, Subjects, Courses, and Types if there is an event related to these attributes.

So what do I do if I need to delete events or related attributes?

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PlanItWisely Student Information System {review}

This is a very thorough review by The HomeSchool Post

We’re very pleased to receive a thorough review from The Homeschool Post which has hit on the key features, functions, and benefits of PlanItWisely.  Sara our reviewer has identified some of her favorite features which are our favorite features too:

  • The Different Views – PlanItWisely includes many scheduler views to slice and dice your day by student or subject..

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PlanItWisely 1.0: Inventory Functionality

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What do I need for school?

  • books,
  • stationary,
  • consumables,
  • clothes,
  • lab supplies, etc…

Create the resources you need.  Customize the vendors, publishers, resource status and types.  In addition budgeting has been provided with unit cost and quantity.  You also have the flexibility to export your resources to a spreadsheet tool for analysis and bookkeeping at anytime.

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PlanItWisely 1.0: Scheduler Functional Overview

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As a teacher or student it is important to be able to see more than just a single day, week, or month view in a typical calendar.  PlanItWisely’s scheduler provides various views including a special “Subject by Week” and “Level by Day” view.  Furthermore all events can be custom color coded.

One important feature is the ability to repeat a particular course event.  For example repeat my lab every Thursday at 9AM to 11AM for the next 18 weeks.  Any changes to this repeating event can then be made globally across all events saving you time.

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