Scheduler Features

A feature rich scheduler for tracking any event.

  • Display standard year, week, and day views.
  • Events are associated with custom subject, level, course, and type.
  • Customize Subjects and colors
  • Customize Levels (i.e.: beginner, advanced, grade #, etc.)
  • Customize Courses (i.e.: AP History)
  • Customize Types (i.e.: lecture, assignment, quiz, field trip, etc.)
  • All events can be exported to a spreadsheet for various purposes.

Day, Week, Year, Levels/Day, Subjects/Week, Color coded by subject


Subjects by Week

The most requested teacher’s weekly view:

  • Y-axis lists the subjects (left)
  • X-axis lists the days of the week (top)
  • Customize Subjects and colors
  • Weeks are also numbered appropriately from 1 to 52.

Subjects by Week View


Levels by Day

From any view you can drill to a day view:

  • Y-axis lists the time of day
  • X-axis lists the Levels
  • Customize Levels (i.e.: grade levels, advanced, beginner, etc.)
  • Everything is user defined so levels can be actual names (i.e.: homeschool educators may let first names of children)

Year View