PlanItWisely Key Benefts

Clean and Simple

Designed with simplicity in mind leveraging the latest modern technologies.


Calendar, event types, subject colors, levels, courses, and much more.


Access anytime and anywhere through any tablet or browser. Save paper & no software to install.

Classroom Mgmt

Implemented for educators and students to plan their time wisely.


Event Lists

The Event List provides sorting by any column and searching across event names.  Events can also be filtered by  date, level (i.e.: grade), and/or type (i.e.: lesson, assignment, exam, etc..).  These are both customizable by the user.  Click into each event to provide more details, notes, lesson plans, and reference URL links.  The full event list or filtered list can be exported to a CSV.


Scheduler Features

A feature rich scheduler for tracking any event.

  • Display standard year, week, and day views.
  • Events are associated with custom subject, level, course, and type.
  • Customize Subjects and colors
  • Customize Levels (i.e.: beginner, advanced, grade #, etc.)
  • Customize Courses (i.e.: AP History)
  • Customize Types (i.e.: lecture, assignment, quiz, field trip, etc.)
  • All events can be exported to a spreadsheet for various purposes.

Day, Week, Year, Levels/Day, Subjects/Week, Color coded by subject

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