Tip of the Day: Deleting Events and related attributes

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Events have related attributes like:

  • Subjects – which are customizable by name and color (both event bar color and text color)
  • Types – which can specify the type of event (i.e.: lecture, homework, exam, etc.)
  • Levels – Can be used for both fixed grades (for a grade school teacher) or we recommend child’s name for homeschoolers.
  • Courses – This provides more granular specification within a subject.  (i.e.: Science is your subject but your course is AP Biology).

The system will not allow you to delete Levels, Subjects, Courses, and Types if there is an event related to these attributes.

So what do I do if I need to delete events or related attributes?

  1. Start by deleting the events
  2. Then delete the attribute.

For example.

  1. You could filter on all events of a specific “Level”
  2. Delete the events of that “Level”
  3. Then delete the “Level”


  1. Rename your Levels – We talked about renaming “Level” to a child’s name in this blog.  This is especially useful for a homeschool family where grade levels shift every year.  Just modify the level to represent the child’s name.  Then incorporate level into the event name or course name.
  2. Rename the Types so they are shorter – delete the types you don’t need after deleting all events of a type.
  3. Rename the Subjects so they are usable year after year – and
  4. Delete subjects you don’t need – don’t create too many sub-subjects which can make it difficult to manage – keep it simple and clean.

We hope this helps.

We designed PlanItWisely to be data driven and customizable.