PlanItWisely Student Information System {review}

This is a very thorough review by The HomeSchool Post

We’re very pleased to receive a thorough review from The Homeschool Post which has hit on the key features, functions, and benefits of PlanItWisely.  Sara our reviewer has identified some of her favorite features which are our favorite features too:

  • The Different Views – PlanItWisely includes many scheduler views to slice and dice your day by student or subject..

  • Drag and Drop – for moving events from one day to another, adjusting times, and re-sizing events.
  • Color coding your subjects background colors and text colors to easily scan and manage your events.
  • Cloud-based to allow you to access the system from anywhere, anytime, and any device – no app to download – just login from a laptop, tablet, and larger smartphone.
  • Budget Resources – PlanItWisely also includes an inventory function to track all your resources, books, consumables, etc.

Thank you Sara for a spot-on review which hits on the intent of our design elements.

The Homeschool Post – Reviewer’s Summary

“If you’re looking for an organized system to keep records and help you create transcripts for your high school students, PlanItWisely might be just what you need. It is a thorough and full-featured system for keeping track of multiple students. It would also work well for co-op teachers or private school teachers. If you live in a state that requires stricter record-keeping like attendance, grades, and more, PlanItWisely has you covered.”

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