Tip of the Day: Student as Level for Homeschool?

Google ChromeScreenSnapz071

Some families want a Day view with columns for their children’s names… How do we do this?

Under “Schedule – Levels” you can add, change and delete levels.

Here are some tips:

  • If there are any events that use a “Level” the system will not allow you to delete the level so you will need to delete any events that use that level first… then delete the level.


  • It may be easier to just rename the “level” by editing the “level”.

Taking this further for homeschoolers:

  • it may be easier use the first name of your child in the “Level” – then every year you don’t have to rename the Levels or reassign events.

Google ChromeScreenSnapz070

See above Level ID 22 = “Jamie”.  Using this methodology you will never need to change your levels for the scheduler… thus hopefully saving you time.

The Level forms the columns in the Scheduler for a “Level/Day” view.  So with this workaround you will have columns for each child by name in the day view.

Google ChromeScreenSnapz071

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You can also then filter on their events in the event list.

PlanItWisely is designed to be customizable by you so there are many ways to make this work in difference scenarios is our hope.  More tips to come for the planning year.