PlanItWisely 1.0: Scheduler Functional Overview

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As a teacher or student it is important to be able to see more than just a single day, week, or month view in a typical calendar.  PlanItWisely’s scheduler provides various views including a special “Subject by Week” and “Level by Day” view.  Furthermore all events can be custom color coded.

One important feature is the ability to repeat a particular course event.  For example repeat my lab every Thursday at 9AM to 11AM for the next 18 weeks.  Any changes to this repeating event can then be made globally across all events saving you time.

At a high-level the Scheduler allows you to:

  • Display standard year, week, and day views plus more (See Subjects by Week and Levels by Day)
  • Events are associated with custom subject, level, course, and type.
  • Specify events by day, week, month, and year
  • Customize Subjects and colors
  • Customize Levels (i.e.: beginner, advanced, grade #, etc.)
  • Customize Courses (i.e.: AP History)
  • Customize Types (i.e.: lecture, assignment, quiz, field trip, etc.)
  • All events can be exported to a spreadsheet for various purposes.

Subjects by Week

The most requested teacher’s weekly view:

  • Y-axis lists the subjects (left)
  • X-axis lists the days of the week (top)
  • Customize Subjects and colors
  • Weeks are also numbered appropriately from 1 to 52.

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Levels by Day

From any view you can drill to a day view:

  • Y-axis lists the time of day
  • X-axis lists the Levels
  • Customize Levels (i.e.: grade levels, advanced, beginner, etc.)
  • Everything is user defined so levels can be actual names (i.e.: homeschool educators may let first names of children)

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Search & Filter Event List

The Event List provides sorting by any column and searching across event names.
Events can also be filtered by
  • name,
  • date,
  • level (i.e.: grade or specify a student name),
  • type (i.e.: lesson, assignment, exam, etc..),
  • subject
  • course

These are all customizable by the user.

Click into each event to provide more details, notes, and lesson plans.

The full event list or filtered list can be exported to a CSV.

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Month View

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A screenshot of a month view.

Year View

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Editing Events

Edit events via the Scheduler or Event List.

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